The Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA) is the primary cause of disability and the third death cause in the western world. The CVA patient may show disorders in his mobility level, his speech, his perceptive capability and his swallowing.

Consequently, the level of functional independence of the patient is significantly affected and further morbidity incidences appear (respiratory and urinary infection, appearance of bed sores, shortening of muscles and spasticity, depression).

The aim of rehabilitation is the best possible recovery of the functional independence of the patient through teaching walking again, through restraining the spasticity of the hemiplegic limps, through teaching again everyday life activities, improving swallowing and speech and through the proper psychological support.

The best rehabilitation outcome is directly related to the time of intervention. Therefore, the early start of a rehabilitation program increases the expected result.

The rehabilitation team is composed by the physician, the physiotherapists, the occupational therapists, the speech therapists, the psychologist with further medical cover by a neurologist, internist, orthopedic and a cardiologist.

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