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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a separate medical specialisation, which aims not only to treat the subject of the condition but also to improve the physical and mental function, assisting patients to remain active and to improve the quality of their life in order to be reintegrated into social life.

At Euromedica-Arogi, we take great pride in our interdisciplinary Medical Rehabilitation Team, which plans and implements your recovery. Your team meets on a weekly basis and works closely towards the progress of each patient.

The physiatrist is the head specialist doctor of the Rehabilitation Team. S/He applies a holistic approach to the recovery plan, assesses their condition, sets goals together with you and monitors the progress of your recovery by coordinating the specialized Medical Rehabilitation Team, which consists of:

  •       A head physiatrist in every ward
  •       A head internist in every ward
  •       An orthopaedist
  •       A cardiologist
  •       A neurologist
  •       An intensive care specialist

The specialized Medical Rehabilitation Team of Euromedica-Arogi aims to meet your expectations for the course of your treatment. This team will inspire you, work with you and in full cooperation with your attending physician.