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The pool first overflowed with smiling faces and thereafter with water.

The same occurred at the outpatient care reception, at occupational therapy, when being transferred by drivers or co-drivers, who ‘flood’ you in broad smiles, which were far from being forced, but quite genuine through and through.

…I would like to express my gratification for the assistance you provide at your centre, which quite rightly is named AROGI

since I believe that the help you give to our senior citizens, relieving their pain with such humanity, has far greater worth and significance than KAPI [open care centre for the elderly], etc. 

All the specialists are extremely well qualified, and their conduct is polite, showing goodness and tenderness. They do their job with patience, resolve, uncomplainingly and with stoicism.

It would be amiss of me if I didn’t mention the unflagging, indefatigable efforts of the paramedics, who carry the patients to the departments of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, and always with a ready smile on their lips