Patient rights

1. Patients have the right to access the hospital services that are deemed the most suitable for the nature of their condition.

2. Patients have the right to receive healthcare services with the proper due respect towards their human dignity. Healthcare services do not only include medical and nursing services in general, but also paramedical services, proper hospitalization, suitable treatment and efficient administrative and technical services.

3. Patients have the right to consent to or deny any diagnostic or treatment services proposed to them. In the event of patients with partial or complete mental disabilities, this right may be exercised by the persons who act on their behalf.

4. Patients have the right to ask to be briefed on anything relating to their condition. The wellbeing of patients is decisive and depends on the full disclosure and accuracy of the information provided to them. When patients are informed, they should have a clear insight into the medical, social and financial parameters surrounding their condition and be able to make decisions themselves or participate in the decision-making process, which may determine their lives in the future.

5. Patients have the right, within limits and under realistic conditions whenever this is possible, to protect their private lives. The confidential nature of the information and content of the documents relating to them, as well as the medical notes and findings in their files, must be guaranteed at all times.

6. Patients have the right to be treated with respect when it comes to matters relating to their religious or ideological beliefs.

7. Patients have the right to present or submit to the competent departments any complaints and objections, and be fully briefed on the actions and results thereof.

Patient obligations

Euromedica-Arogi’s regulations aim to protect you, so we kindly request that you follow them, but also urge your relatives/visitors to do the same.

Euromedica-Arogi’s staff expend every effort to offer you the best possible healthcare services. Your contribution to this effort is valuable; therefore, we request that you:

1. Provide clear and accurate information regarding your personal details, your medical history (personal and family history), previous hospitalizations, medications and nutritional supplements you are taking or have taken, and any other information relevant to your health.

2. Report any changes in your medical condition to the medical or nursing staff.

3. Work closely with the staff and actively participate in planning your treatment both before and after being discharged.

4. Follow the treatment plan recommended by the medical staff or the healthcare professionals working with your attending physician. If you need any clarifications, or do not fully understand the treatment plan or the medical instructions given to you, immediately notify the medical and nursing staff.

5. Provide accurate information and work closely with the relevant hospital departments to settle your hospitalization bill.

6. Show respect and be sensitive towards the needs of other patients and the medical and nursing staff.

7. Comply with the visiting hours, so as to ensure that other patients are not disturbed.

8. Speak quietly and turn down your mobile phones. Urge your relatives or the people accompanying you to do the same.

9. Treat the hospital premises with respect, so as to ensure that they are kept clean and that the various pieces of equipment and facilities are used properly.

* For more information, please, contact Quality Assurance Department.