In 2017 Euromedica – Arogi Thessaloniki operates a new Physiotherapy practice in the city center of Thessaloniki.


The Physiotherapy Center Euromedica – Arogi has:

  • the long-term expertise and experience of Euromedica – Arogi Thessaloniki  with   experienced and especially  trained physiotherapists
  • the most modern scientific and technological programs  in the field of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic physiotherapy. 

In the Physiotherapy Center Euromedica – Arogi, we set as a primary goal the customized care, approaching every case holistically. Our aim is to deal not only with the symptoms but with the cause as well, thus ensuring a permanent solution for all patients.

In the Physiotherapy Center Euromedica – Arogi, we offer high quality services in Physiotherapy in order to deal with Spinal Cord Conditions, Sports Injuries, Conditions of the Upper Limb, Neurological Conditions, Musculoskeletal Conditions, Chronic Pain, etc.

The therapeutic sessions are private, one to one (patient/therapist), so the patient has the highest quality care. The physiotherapy technique requires less repetition in frequency, reducing considerably the required time of rehabilitation and the financial burden of the patient.

At the same time we operate a personal training center, for the individual support of people in the improvement of their physical condition, taking into consideration the requirements of their health and their daily routine.

The physiotherapists of the center are cooperating productively with the physician of every patient and follow their instructions to achieve the desirable outcome.

The Physiotherapy Center was created adapting the architectural concept of a modern design which combines harmoniously functionality and spacious rooms for therapy.

For more information you can contact:
Physiotherapy Center Euromedica – Arogi
136 Tsimiski str.  (glass building  XAΝΘ)
Phone No. : 2310 261 693